Nags Head
Lighter bites
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Steak barm served with fried onions                                                              £6.25

Hand carved ham barm served with pickle                                                    £5.25

Tuna and mayonnaise barm                                                                          £4.99

Club sandwich filled with chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomato                       £5.99

BLT, classic bacon, lettuce and tomato                                                          £4.99

Cheese and pickle barm (v)                                                                          £5.25

Prawn and marie rose barm                                                                         £5.99

Warm chicken and mixed leaf barm                                                              £5.50

Fish finger barm with lemon mayonnaise                                                      £5.75



Steak and onion                                                                                          £6.25

Cajun chicken                                                                                             £5.99

Cajun vegetables                                                                                        £5.50

Ham, cheese and pineapple                                                                        £5.50

Brie and cranberry                                                                                      £5.75

Pulled pork                                                                                                 £6.25



Cajun steak                                                                                                 £6.25

Chicken and sweet chilli                                                                             £5.75

Stir fry vegetables and cheese (v)                                                               £5.25 

Why not add a portion of hand cut chips or wedges                                       £2.00





Crispy bacon, cheese and beans                                                                 £4.75

Tuna mayonnaise                                                                                        £4.75

prawn marie rose                                                                                        £4.99

Cajun mixed vegetables and cheese                                                            £4.50

Baked beans and cheese                                                                              £4.25

Pulled pork                                                                                                  £4.99


Available Monday-Saturday 12.00pm - 5.00pm